Random Review

Michael Curtiz
Set during World War II, Casablanca is a romantic flick which has easily grown into one of the most iconic movies of all time. It tells the story of a man who has to help his lady love and her husband escape from the city of Casablanca. The best part of the movie is the portrayal of love. Astounding performances from the lead actors, Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman and memorable quotes, no doubt this movie still rules the heart of people around the world.
Majid Majidi
Majid Majidi’s brilliance lies in his ability to create extra-ordinary out of nothing. His stories are simple and so are the characters. But he amalgamates both of them with such beauty and grace that the final output is a piece of art which leaves the audience spell bound and critics marvel. Baran is one such wonder. A construction site where most of the workers are Afghan refugees gives rise to a love story between an immature young boy, Lateef and a girl, Rahmat who works there in a boy’s disguise. The coming of age story of Lateef is depicted through some awesome scenes where dialogues have less prominence, but the feeling is conveyed.
Akira Kurasowa
Rashomon is one of the finest works from Kurasowa A murder as seen from four different perspectives forms the foundation of the story. It is probably one of the earliest movies to adapt a non-linear screenplay. The movie in itself is a school of cinema, just because it deals with every aspect involved in a movie with utter perfection. Needless to say it has inspired many including philosophers.
Sibi Malayil 
The Malayalam cinema industry is known to produce realistic movies. Kireedam is about a youth from Kerala whose dreams and aspirations are shattered by destiny. His family just like him is a mute spectator to all the situations which fate unfolds. Mohanlal has given the performance of a lifetime and so has Thilakan as the ambitious father who would love to see his son in a police uniform. Special credit to A. K. Lohithadas for the convincing story.
The Usual Suspects
Bryan Singer
Some films make you laugh, some make you cry and some make you think. But this one will leave your mouth wide opened. A small time con-man is interrogated after he survives a fire on a ship which was supposedly carrying drugs. His partners in crime are all dead and what remains is his story. The narration and regular flashbacks form an important part of the screenplay. The Usual Suspects is one of those movies which keep you glued to the screen till the end. An Oscar winning performance from Kevin Spacey is the icing on the cake.

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