Classics – ‘Paithrukam’

Paithrukam is one of the many classic movies in Malayalam during the golden era of the Malayalam movie industry. I hear it was not that successful at the box office. Nevertheless that in no ways dilutes the brilliance of this movie.

It is the story of faith and beliefs, a battle between atheism and theism. Devadathan Chemmathiripadu played by the brilliant Narendra Prasad is a priest who believes in the age-old traditions of the Brahmin community.  He is widely respected and is living a quiet and peaceful life with his wife and younger son (Jayaram), who is also a priest at the nearby temple. His elder son (Suresh Gopi) who lives in Delhi is a journalist. He discards the traditions and rituals branding them as outright foolishness. So when he comes to Kerala and starts living with his family, ideals clash. The character of Suresh Gopi questions the existence of GOD and he has his set of people who are at a mission to convince people that these traditions and beliefs have to be discarded. And this set of people also includes his wife(Geetha). On the other hand the character of Narendra Prasad is dignified and elegance personified. His body language and dialogue delivery is simply superb.  Jayaram is stuck between his father (and to an extent his’ beliefs too) and the love towards his elder brother.  You sympathise with his character a lot throughout the movie

The climax of the movie is tragic. Director Jayaraj who has given us many awesome movies, comes up with a master-piece that questions our beliefs and faith. It forces us to think. Where does our faith stand? The music of the film is wonderful with soulful melodies like ‘Vaal Kannezuthiye’ and ‘Seetha Kalyanam’. I felt the background score could have been better. The strongest point of the movie is the brilliant script which you hardly see in today’s movies.

I would recommend it to all of you. Movies like this should not be missed.


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