The Chase

It was a bright and sunny day. Beads of sweat drops adorned my forehead. There were no trees on either side of the road. It was deserted and lonely. Just like any other day. The heavy backpack on my shoulders added to my woes. But I had to move on. I was about to reach my destination.  That’s when I saw a pair of eyes staring at me. I stopped. And I stared back.  I should not have.  My mouth suddenly went dry, my eyes became dull and my face went pale. I started running. I should not have. I looked back. I was being chased. My worst nightmares started coming true. I looked back again. The chase was still on. It was difficult for me to run with the backpack. But I kept on running. I had to. Then something extra-ordinary happened. I was lifted off the ground by a pair of hands.  It felt surreal.


Mom had seen me running. She opened the gate and rushed outside. My fear of dogs was known to her. The dog was still barking. But now I hardly cared. I was in the safest pair of hands.

<Edit> This article is now published in Half Baked Beans’, which is a literary platform for the aspiring writers who want to get their work published. My short story was published on their Facebook page as part of ‘Tuesday Tales’ which is a weekly feature to publish our short stories. You can get further information about ‘HBB’ from their website or Facebook page </Edit>



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  1. Its an interesting way in which you write Vaisakh.. The suspense has been well kept. Keep it up..

    If you are interested, try going through my blog. I would want you to especially read this piece –

  2. Hey thanks maddy….will surely go through your blog…

  3. Great writing,Really loved it.
    BTW if you can then please go through my blog

  4. Beautifully written Vyshakh! 🙂

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