‘Airport’ by Arthur Hailey


Reading a novel written in 1968 about airports and aviation today may seem to be a bit out of place. But ‘Airport’ is not just about that. It is about masterful story telling. Set entirely in an airport and in a time-frame of 7 hours, Hailey takes us through a splendid journey. It takes some time for the plot to thicken as the author takes his time in introducing us to the characters and their details. Thus, as the novel progresses, we relate to the characters more and more. The best part of this book is that it does not have a single point of view but many, through the eyes of all the characters which Hailey has painstakingly crafted for us. Overall a wonderful read. Even today, 45 years after it was published, if it can keep someone on the edge of their seats, I need not tell more.


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