Adding multiple Gmail accounts

Has it happened to you that you have multiple Gmail accounts and checking emails in all of them becomes a torrid experience? Well I faced such an issue where I had two Gmail accounts, one for my personal mails and the other for all the official mails. Since the frequency of mails coming in the official account was very less, I checked it only once in a while. This was mainly because I found it cumbersome to log out of my personal Gmail account and had to open a new and separate browser to just check the email. The slow and archaic configuration of my laptop added to my woes. This led to further suffering as I sometimes used to miss important mails. A quick Google search gave me the answer to my troubles. You can add multiple accounts to your default Gmail account. How? Let me show you.
Just click your default account name, Howard Abott in this case. And you will see this.

Just click on ‘Add account’. It immediately opens a new tab and lets you add another Gmail account.


You can add multiple Gmail accounts in the same fashion. No need to log out from any account or no need to open a new browser window.
I hope this helps all you guys who did not know this and faced the same problem
PS: This is a temporary Gmail id I created for this blog post and Howard Abott was the first name that came to my mind 🙂


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