‘The Hungry Tide’ book review


Here is a small review of the book ‘The Hungry Tide’ written by Amitav Ghosh which I finished reading today.

A story set in the Sunderbans with characters crafted to perfection by Amitav Ghosh. Piyali Roy(Piya)a marine biologist who has come to the Sunderbans to do research on river dolphins meets Kanai Dutt, a translator who is settled in Delhi and has come to his village in one of the islands in Sunderbans to get a journal which his deceased uncle left for him. Piya finds in Fokir, a local fisherman, a great help to her research as he knows the rivers and the landscape inside and out. Meanwhile the journal left by Kanai’s uncle opens a window to the past and the author beautifully merges it into the present as the novel progresses.

Not only does Amitav Ghosh describes the flora and fauna of Sunderbans artistically, he manages to capture the locals fear of the tigers which has become a part of their lives.

Wonderfully written. Undoubtedly Amitav Ghosh is one of the best story-tellers if recent times.


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