Jifi – Banking is now Social

Social media has taken over our lives in ways that seemed impossible a few years ago. From updating our relationship status to posting the latest vacation pictures, the social media account acts as an alter-ego for many of us. The way people use social media has also evolved a lot. We are connected to the social network 24×7, thanks to the smartphones that have started to come at prices that don’t seem exorbitant. In spite of all this, when I heard about Kotak Mahindra Bank’s Jifi, the world’s first socially powered bank account, to be very frank I was bemused. First of all, I couldn’t really comprehend what is a socially powered bank account? So I decided to go ahead and explore Jifi. And that proved to be an awesome experience.

Jifi allows you to use your Facebook account to log in and create an account. Oh yes!! Seems unbelievable isn’t it? But gone are those days when social media was only about posting your dog’s pictures or checking-in to a 5-star hotel. As I said earlier, the way people are using social media is evolving and connecting your social media account to your bank account is the latest addition to that list. But how does Jifi make our online banking experience easy and hassle-free?

First and foremost, you don’t have to undergo a lengthy procedure to start a new account. All it requires is a login through your Facebook account. Moreover you can have a zero balance account. So no hassles of maintaining a minimum balance as well. The concept revolves around a points system which you can redeem for multiple benefits. There are two kinds of points which can be earned – Social points and transactional points. You can earn social points by referring friends. And not to forget the 100 social points you get just by logging in using your Facebook account. Cool, isn’t? The transactional points can be earned whenever an online transaction is made, after opening an account. The extremely user-friendly interface allows us to track the points efficiently. You can also convert your transactional points to social points. In case you are falling short of some points, you can trade it with your friends in the network. A simple yet wonderful concept. Such innovations are only going to benefit the banking industry. The Jifi mobile app is an icing on the cake and in this smartphone era, an essential tool too.

So, what are your waiting for? Go ahead and explore Jifi by clicking on this link – http://www.kotakjifi.com


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