Diwali – a time for family!

Diwali is that time of the year when nostalgia creeps in if you are not at home. The images of bursting crackers and launching rockets start floating in your mind. Diwali is an occasion when the entire family gets together and celebrate the festival of lights. I grew up in a township in Assam where there were people from all parts of the country. All the houses brightened up, the streets were illuminated and it felt as if the radiance of a thousand suns would not be able to able to match this aura. We as kids used to think that if heaven existed it would look like this.

On Diwali, as children, if the night meant busting crackers, the day meant playing cricket. We used to start our street cricket matches early in the morning. Unlike other days, when Sharma uncle used to yell for spoiling his garden or Gogoi uncle chasing us for breaking his car’s window pane, Diwali was an occasion when they also used to join us. After playing to our heart’s content and pushing our little bodies to the limit, we used to come back by afternoon. Then started the preparations for Diwali. I used to assist my parents in cleaning the entire house or rather by not making the house dirty. One more interesting thing I would like to mention is that I am from the generation that saw the transition from earthen lamps to the Chinese lights. Most of the kids these days are oblivious of the beautiful diyas we used to decorate our houses with. The radiance and purity from them is unmatched and no artificial mechanism can come close to that.

There is something magical about Diwali. Maybe it is the lights, or the feeling of being back with your family. Words are not enough to describe that feeling of pure bliss. This time, sadly I could not join my family for this beautiful festival. Just while ago as I was rewinding my memories, I saw this beautiful film from Pepsi and Kurkure.

 It brought back a lot of memories and I am sure it would have done the same for all the others who have watched. In fact, it is this film that inspired me to get up from the bed, abandon my laziness and type this. Pepsi has also come with a very beautiful gesture. It has come up with a website – https://www.gharwalidiwali.com/ where you can share any of your memorable Diwali stories or even send a message to your dear ones. So what are you waiting for? Go back in time, gather your thoughts and pen down the amazing memories you had with your family and loved ones. This will definitely help you get a feel of #GharWaliDiwali.


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