Teddy Travelogues

Vacations are one of the best ways to rejuvenate oneself. In today’s busy world, professionals find it difficult to take out some time for their lives. The irony here is that they are earning money but they fail to find the time to spend it. But today with many occupational diseases, individuals have realized that taking a break is extremely important. What better than taking a vacation and visiting exotic places? After all we just have one life and so many places to visit. But the fun of vacations gets doubled when you take children along with you.

I too have had the good fortune of visiting many places, both as a child and as an adult. After I left home for the first time for my engineering, most of the vacations have taken is with my friends. It is always fun with friends as old jokes and nostalgic memories are churned out during the course of the journey. But when I compare those with the vacations I have taken as a child, I have no qualms in admitting that as a child the vacations were more enjoyable. This is because as children we see vacations very differently. Everything feels as magic. As I write this my memories drift back to my childhood when as a child I used to come to Kerala for my summer vacations. The lush green fields, the coconut trees on both sides of the train window made me feel that I was travelling through heaven. Maybe that’s why they call it ‘God’s own country’. The stay with my grandparents was something which I looked forward to. Years later when I visit the same places I see them from a different perspective. That magic is missing.

Today when I go on a vacation with my colleagues who have children I can see in their eyes – magic, curiosity and a lot of expectations. Last year when my uncle and aunty had come from abroad for their vacations, I had gone to a water amusement park with my cousins and their friends. The children were going to a water amusement park for the first time and they were visibly excited. Though I had gone to the same park before, I knew that this experience would be something worth looking forward to. Indeed it was. I had such a gala time with the children brigade that it has almost wiped off the memory of my previous visits to the same place. Today when I look back at that trip, it was made memorable only because of the wonderful children. Club Mahindra brings out these awesome travelogues written by children. You can check the same here – http://membership.clubmahindra.com/TeddyTravelogues/index.html

So what are you waiting for? Plan a vacation and don’t forget to take the wonderful children along with you.


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