Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein

All of us must have lied at some point in our lives. Some of us must have lied about the marks we scored in some subject in school, some of us must have lied to our parents when going out with friends, some of us must have lied to our bosses when taking a leave and the list goes on and on. Many a times, they are harmless lies which we say just to avoid a tense situation, but sometimes it ends up in creating a much worse situation. In hindsight, we feel that telling the truth would have been better and would not have led up to this embarrassing position, but telling the truth of course requires courage and mental strength. Looking back at the situation may lead you to believe that telling the truth was the better option but it may not be always the easy one. We tell a lie and get away thinking that it is over and not worry about the consequences but sometimes the lie comes back and bites us. It is also a guilt in our conscience and time and again makes us restless with the thought coming again and again that “I could have told the truth”

This reminds me of an incident that happened with me in childhood. I was in Class 11. Our Physics teacher had got transferred. I loved Physics and enjoyed his classes thoroughly. In Physics, it is extremely important that you are well-versed with the concepts. Considering the fact that I was looking for a career in engineering, Physics was a very important subject from the Engineering entrance point of view as well. So, our Physics teacher was replaced by a new faculty and his classes were very boring compared to our erstwhile faculty. I started avoiding his classes as well as the subject. By the time of our first set of exams, I had totally lost interest in the subject. It did not come as a surprise that my performance was miserable in the exams and I was in the bottom performers. My friends told me to lie to my parents about my marks. Even I was tempted for the same as this was the first time I was getting such low marks in any subject all these years. But then I decided against it. I told my parents the truth but I also told them the reason for the same. They understood the problem and my dad came to my school and talked to the principal. He took our feedback seriously and also consulted the other students of our class. They also echoed my opinion about the faculty and the principal took swift action. He replaced the faculty with a more experienced one and finally we started finding our love for the subject back.

Today when I look back I feel that telling the truth was the best thing I did at that time. The lie would not have given me any long term benefits. The below Kinley Ad brought back some memories of this incident.

Telling the truth may not always be the easiest option, but I can say it is the best option.


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