Get a better Car with Quikr NXT!

When I first heard about Quikr, I was really amazed about the idea of how it connects the buyers and sellers, two people with alternate needs. The other day one of my friends was shifting from his flat. He was moving to a new place and wanted to sell some of his household items before moving out. He was hardly worried about selling them as he said he was sure he would find a buyer through Quikr. Indeed he was right. Within 2 days of posting the ad he got a seller and sold off his stuff at a decent price. When I was a teenager and when we used to shift houses, I have seen my parents struggle with carrying around unnecessary items just because they were not able to sell it. Today so much has changed. All it takes is a click.

If that was not enough, Quikr has now come up with ‘Quikr Nxt’. Through Quikr’s mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site, buyers and sellers can connect through chat. You would not require a phone call in order to connect to the other party. You can drop a chat message at your convenience and the other person can read at his and then contact you. It is indeed an innovative idea and has many advantages.

First of all, you can keep your mobile number private. You can connect with a prospective buyer or a seller through chat. It can help you in avoiding spam calls. We do get annoyed many a times due to the number of spam calls we get and due to this we may ignore calls from a genuine buyer or seller. Quikr Nxt solves this problem by connecting a prospective buyer and seller through chat.

The second advantage as I have mentioned above is that you can chat at your convenience. It happens sometimes that you call a prospective buyer or seller and he/she may be busy in something and the call is missed and probably never returned. A missed opportunity for both the parties. Quikr Nxt addresses this problem very efficiently.

Now Quikr Nxt can be a great tool if you are looking for a better car. You can check out all the great options, Moreover with the advantages which Quikr Nxt provides the whole buying experience is simplified. When you are buying a used car, it is important that you are having ample communication with the seller since it is a big buy. Quikr Nxt eases the communication process. Who could have imagined buying a car through an online channel, but it does not sound absurd now. In fact applications like Quikr Nxt make the experience more likeable.

So what are you waiting? Just go to and get started.


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