Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

Inspiration and motivation has many sources. Some get it from persons, both real life and fictional, some gather it from books, and some also get it from movies. But in my humble opinion, the best source out of the lot is from a real-life person especially if she/he is someone you know well personally. Maybe a family member or a very close friend. You can try to acquire the traits and characteristics of that person and move ahead by trying to implement and incorporate some of them in your life, if you can.

For me, one such person has been by my elder cousin brother who owns a software company of his own. He underwent many hardships to reach this position and not once did he flinch or give away. He continued working hard towards his dream. There were financial troubles which he had to take care of himself. Moreover he also had to take care of his mother and two sisters. This meant putting yourself after everyone else and putting your dreams in the backseat. Many people would have given hope and reclined to life as it is going. But he was not one among them. He made sure he carries all of it together. Though his priority always has been his family, he used his intelligence and common sense to make way through the difficult terrains and climbed up the slope of success taking everyone together.

One more quality about him that inspires me is his witty nature and sense of humor. There have been times when I have literally fell down of my chair laughing. It is not easy for a person who has seen so many difficult times to have such a wonderful attitude towards life. Whenever I interact with him, I come out of the conversation as a better person, having learnt things which no book can teach you. It is something only life can teach, something which experience can teach, years of hard work can teach. I have become more self-reliant after seeing him. Even now, though the physical distance has increased because of work commitments, I make it a point to visit him whenever he comes to India. The experience is still as overwhelming, if not more. He has not changed a bit and now the conversations are livelier.

The below advertisement from HDFC Standard Life Insurance company is one of the best I have seen in recent times. It is a very moving ad and shows how someone in your family can help you grow into a better and more self-reliant person. Sometimes we just fail to notice that there are people who care for you and sacrifice so much so that you remain happy. Do watch this ad. It will bring a smile as well a tear in your face.

Also visit http://www.hdfclife.com/.


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