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Optimism is something which is extremely important for us, as Hellen Keller once quoted “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” If we are not optimistic about life, then the very purpose of life will seem meaningless. We have to be optimistic at each and every phase of life. I have seen people who have faced so many difficult situations in life but are still very optimistic and look forward to face each and every challenge with the same courage and strength. It is indeed a motivation for others to look at them and try to gather something out of their lives. Through this blog post, I will tell the story of on such person.

We were living in Orissa before my father was transferred to Assam. So we had packed our luggage and set off for a new adventure. But there was some delay before we got the company quarters to stay. So we were asked to stay in the company guest house. I had just completed Class 1 and unlike today, was extremely talkative. Since there was nothing much to do I would just roam around the guest house and talk with anyone and everyone whom I met. Since I had not joined school also by then, I was thoroughly enjoying my time. Among the people I met, one was a particularly interesting person. He was the watchman of the guest house, who used to be on the morning shift. We used to sit and talk for long. Maybe he also needed a company, a friend. He used to tell me about Assam and his village, the people, their culture and his family. There was a spark in his eyes whenever he started talking about his family, especially his youngest daughter.  His village was around 600-700 kilometres away from where we used to stay.

I always thought how he managed to remain so happy and energetic every time. He definitely seemed more than 45 years of age. From the scorching heat to drizzling rains, he used to perform his duty as meticulously as anyone. So when I asked him the reason behind his happiness, he looked at the sky and pondered for a while. For a split second I thought I saw a tear at the corner of his eye. Then he said to me that he had faced extreme hardships in his youth. Even after his marriage he found it extremely difficult to make both ends meet. But he struggled and got this job and since then he makes sure that he performs his duty with utmost sincerity and hard work. He is thankful to GOD who gave him the life he is having and the wonderful family he has. He is optimistic about everything in life. Whenever I am in a bad situation I think of that man.

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