Start A New Life

Life is not a bed of roses. It is a journey where we have to face many hardships. Overcoming them and moving ahead with optimism is a challenge we all face. Each day poses a new challenge. Facing them with courage and conviction makes us successful. All of us would have had to make a difficult decision at some point in our lives. Sometimes it is in our professional lives, sometimes in our personal. Either ways, it requires a detailed thought process. We cannot take a decision just like that.

Through this blog post I will share one such instance from my life. It was a situation which took a lot of introspection from my side. I remember spending a lot of time over coffee with my friends mulling over what should I do. I had always wanted to do an MBA. So after graduating from my engineering college, I started working in one of the major Indian IT companies. Though the training phase was a little bit difficult to cope up initially, gradually I started to enjoy it. And then I was posted to Kerala, my home. Moreover all my close friends were posted with me and a gala time awaited me. And believe me it was awesome. We enjoyed our stay in Kerala and slowly my dream of doing an MBA started diluting. I was going into a shell that was so comfortable that day by day I found it difficult to come out of it. But then I realized that if I keep on postponing, my dream will cease to become a reality. When I realized that I started motivating myself, slowly but steadily. I started preparing for CAT. Even though it was difficult to balance my work with studies I continued. On days when I had to leave office late because of work, I would be so tired by the time I reached back home that opening a book required a lot of motivation and energy. And on such days I would sleep early and wake up early to study. Ultimately I got a decent score.

But now came the really difficult decision. Should I leave my job to do an MBA? I was fairly well settled and had made a decent reputation in the company. Should I leave all that and go away? What are my chances of getting a good job after my MBA? All these questions started pricking me and I was in a fix. But then I consulted many senior people. Also I did a lot of research on the internet. Finally I left the job for an MBA and today when I look back I feel it was a correct decision.

This is a wonderful video and I loved watching it.

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