We all love spending time with our family, friends and close ones. Though in the busy lives we all live, we don’t get much time always. Over the past 3-4 years lot of my friends and classmates have started getting married. I always plan to attend them but hardly fulfill my promise of doing so. It saddens me to say the least but then I can’t help much as the commitment towards work is also there. But whenever I get a chance to meet up with my family or friends, I make it a point to enjoy it to the fullest.

When I was working in Kerala, we used to travel a lot. There were a lot of weekend getaways. We still relish the memories of those journeys. Today when I look at those photographs it evokes a strange sense of nostalgia in me. This post is about one such journey which till date is my favorite. One of our colleagues was getting married. The wedding was on a Saturday morning and the perfect weather only boosted our spirits. The place was around 100 kilometers from our place and we decided to embark on a road trip. We reached the venue on time. After wishing the bride and groom a very happy married life and having a sumptuous lunch we decided to explore some nearby areas. No one had any particular idea about the geography of the nearby places and we hadn’t decided on anything in particular.

Some of us took out our smartphones and blurted out the myriad places that we can go to. After a lot of debate and discussions, we all agreed for a place called Panchalimedu. It is a place in the Idukki district and we reached there at around 5 in the evening. The uphill journey in itself was another adventure worth remembering. We were greeted by a gentle breeze and as we climbed upwards the mist offered us an ethereal atmosphere. All of us were dumbstruck by the beauty of this place. Never had we encountered such beauty. The valleys and hills covered in mist was a sight that I still cannot take out of my memory. We all got out of the car and started running around in jubilation, at the joy of discovering a sight that poets write about. If there was a heaven, maybe this was how it would look like. It was magical. We also clicked a lot of photographs in different poses and now when I look at them it brings a smile to my face. It gives me strength and motivation to move ahead with optimism. Memories like these help us in moving ahead. It gives the courage to look forward to life. That day was indeed memorable.

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