Coca-Cola International Day of Happiness

Happiness is the emotion we all yearn for. We all want happiness in one form or another. Some of us become happy at the smallest of things, some others need bigger reasons for happiness. I sometimes envy the people who are able to find happiness in the smaller things of life. Believe me, it is not very easy to do so. It shows a positive attitude towards life. If you find happiness in the small things, it brings in a cheerfulness in your nature. Some of us also find happiness in other people’s happiness. I would say that requires a much higher level of intellect.

Talking about me, I find happiness and pleasure in many things. Through this blog post I will talk about some of those. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about happiness is cricket. Be it playing cricket or watching cricket, I enjoy the whole experience. When I was in school, I was almost addicted to cricket. I remember watching an entire ODI match and that means sitting in front of the television for almost 7 hours. And I was not bored for a second. Also the happiness of playing cricket cannot be expressed in words. I was not allowed to play cricket before the exams. So after exams it was the jubilation of being able to play cricket again. While writing the last examination, my mind sometimes used to wander off to the cricket ground. Though today, I have stopped playing cricket due to lack of time because of work commitments, I find a lot of happiness when I watch a cricket match, be it a Test match, ODI or a T20.

One more thing that makes me happy is music. I love listening to songs and from a young age itself I developed this hobby. Previously it used to be the old cassettes which later graduated to CDs and DVDs. Then I-Pod came and now we play music online itself. The music industry has transformed itself, but my love for the music remains the same. Today also whenever I feel a bit low, I listen to songs. Even as I am writing this, a song is playing in my laptop. The happiness which you get while listening to a beautiful song is magical and cannot be expressed in words.

Good humor also makes me happy. Well as a matter of fact, who does not smile when one hears a good joke. I am no different. I love watching stand-up comedy acts and also good comedy movies. Though these days you find it difficult to find good and subtle humor, I feel happy whenever I am able to.

Do watch this wonderful ad from Coca-Cola. It is sure to bring a smile to your face.

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