Ek Nayi League

I remember the buzz that was created when the Indian Premier League (IPL) was announced. Everyone was excited to know the format of the league as well the teams and the respective players. I was in the third year of my engineering and our whole batch was waiting for it to start. When the teams and the icon players were announced with the rest of the players, we all chose our team. Some chose it based on their favorite players, some chose it because they were from the place where the franchise was based. I decided to support Mumbai Indians for the love of Sachin. What followed was nights and nights of watching cricket and pulling each other’s legs when their teams lost. These memories bring in a lot of nostalgia. It was an innovative format and was engaging. And the best thing about IPL was that it was enjoyed equally by everyone. Even today it is going strong. The viewership may have decreased a little bit but hardly noticeable. When I talk about viewership, it is the TV viewership. The stadiums are still jam packed, even on working days. I had also watched an IPL game in the stadium way back in 2011. Till now that has been my only experience of watching a cricket match in the stadium.

Now you must be wondering why I am talking about the Indian Premier League. Well that is because these days Kapil Dev is talking about a new league and it has brought back memories. Through a set of videos, Kapil talks about a new league called ‘Ek Nayi League’. None of these videos directly tell what exactly the league is all about. In fact it hardly divulges any information. It keeps the audiences guessing and everyone who is seeing the videos are coming up with different notions of what the league could be. From what I get from the videos is that the league involves celebrities and that too sports celebrities. One common thing which Kapil mentions in all his videos is that he tells the celebrities will fail if they played this league with their heart. From what I get from this is that it seems this would be a quiz show or something that requires the mind to function more than anything else. Also the main poster of the league shows Kapil standing with his finger indicating towards his head which means this league is something which involves the usage of mind.

Though except the videos, nothing much is out. Kapil says that through his twitter account he will reveal very soon what this league is all about. Till then the viewers can come up with their interpretations of what this is all about. I am putting my money on a quiz show involving sportspersons.

You can see all the videos by visiting http://www.eknayileague.com/.


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