My Airtel App

This is the age of smartphones. Today almost everyone in my friends circle has a smartphone and it is true with all of us. The phones have become cheaper too. If you look at the prices of smartphones 2 years ago, you will observe a steep decline. Why looking for 2 years? Just check the price of your current smartphone until it is a very recent purchase and I am sure you will be surprised. If this is the era of smartphones, this is also the era of smartphone apps. There are so many apps for almost anything and everything that at times you will be surprised (shocked also) that an app exists for this purpose also. Also, be it an e-commerce firm, telecom company or a bank, they all have started to offer their services through an app. Some have even gone to an extent as to shut down their website and only offer their services through a mobile app. Having been a loyal user of Airtel for the past 8 years, I decided to try the ‘My Airtel’ app. I was reluctant initially as I have not been a great fan of apps and prefer to use the website. But once I started using it, believe me, all my previous notions just vanished.

I will use this post to briefly describe how the app helps me or rather how has it improved the way I used Airtel services. First and foremost, it helps me manage all the services at one place and more importantly in my phone. The simple and intuitive design of the app is a bonus and makes your life much easier. Previously, while traveling if my balance used to run out, I would have to recharge using the website which can be cumbersome at times if you are doing it on the phone. But this app comes handy in such situations. Few clicks and there you are. Ready to talk again.

Another area where the app has been useful for me is to track my data usage. As a very frequent user of the data services, it becomes difficult at times to keep a track of the data usage and sometimes I have exceeded it also. Now using this app I am able to manage the data usage much better. Even though I am not a post-paid user, I can just imagine the ease which this app will provide to the users to keep a track of their bills.

The third area where the My Airtel app has helped me immensely is the payment of my broadband and DTH bills. I can pay all the bills through a secure payment interface through the app on my mobile. So what are you guys waiting for? If you are apprehensive about using the app like I was, take it from me, it would be an awesome experience.

You can visit for more details.


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