‘Outliers’ book review


Let me begin by saying that ‘Outliers’ is a fantastic book. A friend of mine had suggested this long before and she even went on to say that this is the best non-fiction book she has ever read. But I did not get the chance to read it. But when I finally did, I was blown away. The author Malcom Gladwell changes the way in which we look success. He takes us to the world of Outliers or high-achievers and shows us why they are successful and the reader would be pleasantly surprised on the arguments and data points which he puts forth to substantiate the fact that it is not just hard work and attitude that makes a person successful. It also has a lot to do with who they are, where they come from, their family background, their legacy.

Bill Gates had access to a computer and he started programming at an age when most children of his age would not even have heard the term computer, especially children in other parts of the world. Did that help him in becoming what he is today? Well, Malcom Gladwell answers that question in ‘Outliers’. And not only that, he also takes us to the world of one of the most intelligent persons in the world, someone who has an IQ higher than Einstein. Being in that elite category would definitely mean success, right? The most interesting part in the book for me was the analysis of airline crashes. We thought that it was solely dependent on the talent and skill of the pilots or lack of thereof. But you would be surprised when you read that it has a lot to do with the culture in which the pilot and co-pilot are brought up. An airline crash can be due to the cultural background of the pilot, who thought right? Along with that there are other examples which highlight the fact that success is not just a function of individual merit and talent. There are lot of other factors.

If you have not read the book yet, I would request you to please do it immediately.



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  1. I am a huge fan of this book. I have read it many times.

  2. I read this in the summer before college back in 2010. I’ve read many books since then, but I still remember A LOT of it because it’s just that great and memorable.

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