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Cricket is a wonderful game. I started following cricket at a very early age. My earliest memories of cricket date back to 1996 when the cricket world cup was held in the Indian sub-continent. I remember watching almost every match and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sachin became my hero after the event. In fact he still is. Later on I also started following Test cricket a lot. The grueling contest between bat and ball for five long days is indeed a treat to watch. In fact it is the purest form of cricket. Though I am not a great fan of T20 cricket, at times I do enjoy it. But in my humble opinion, I feel the T20 cricket events should be made less frequent. There should be an equal mixture of Test, ODI and T20 cricket.

There is one incident that comes to my mind whenever I think anything about cricket. The incident is like a frozen piece in my memory. The date was 24 February 2010.I was in my office and just like any other ardent cricket follower stuck in office during a cricket match, was getting restless. Meanwhile, Sachin had added one more century to his collection. But after he crossed 130, somehow there was a feeling inside me that this is going to be big. I called my friend and told him that lets go home and watch at least the Indian innings. We can come back later to complete our work. Initially he was apprehensive, but being a cricket fan himself it did not take long to revert. Now the journey back to home on his bike was the most adventurous journey I ever had. And it was by a hair’s breadth that we escaped from an accident. We reached home and by that time Sachin had just crossed 150. Rest as they say is History.

Today being a full time employee in a software company, I am not able to follow cricket much, least to say watch a match. Though I watched all matches played by India in the 2015 World cup, I missed some other good matches because of my work commitments. I generally follow cricket through EspnCricInfo, if I am not watching the match of course. But with the advent of smart phones, these days I check the scores and watch the LIVE streaming on my mobile itself. But the mobile browsers are slow and it takes a lot of time and sometimes it hangs also. Recently I found a light weight browser by the name of UC browser. You can check it out here – Check the video here.

They also have a dedicated cricket service which provides LIVE scores and the latest news. It is a wonderful and easy way to remain updated.

Check it out here –

Check it out here –


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