What does Real Togetherness mean to you?

We have to accept the fact, how much ever we try to deny it that we have become slaves of technology. Be it your smart phone or your laptop, imagining an hour, leave alone a day without them seems impossible. Today saying a hello has been confined to a message in Whatsapp, wishing a friend on his or her birthday is just a Facebook post. The relationships are slowly becoming technical and losing its warmth. The emotions are slowly beginning to fade and we are slipping into a world where gadgets and electronic devices will start ruling over us.

I have removed my birthday from Facebook which means no one will get a notification on my birthday or will they be able to see my birthday on Facebook. The year before I made this change I was flooded with Facebook posts and phone calls. Even the people whom I have barely talked with in real life wished me on my birthday which not only surprised me but also left a bit uncomfortable. But everything slipped back to normalcy when I switched it off. Hardly anyone except my parents and close friends called me and I was very happy for that. They remembered my birthday irrespective of a reminder which was comforting.

The above incident is just a very simple and meaningful example which illustrates the fact that we have slowly lost the meaning of relationships. Gone are the days when people used to visit each other’s houses. I remember going to our neighbour’s houses and enjoying an evening with tea and snacks and talking about anything and everything. These days people don’t even know who is residing beside their house. Isn’t that a sad state of affairs?

Having said all that I will not blame everything on technology and escape. After all technology is necessary. We live in an advanced world and we cannot shun technology just like that. The challenge here is to find a fine balance. We need to set up a slot for ourselves in a day where we commit to ourselves that we will cut-off ourselves from the electronic world. This can be a one hour slot in the evening where we can take a walk and enjoy the beauty of the nature or this can be some time to read a book every day. A physical book and not an electronic one! Taking some time off to speak with your family is one of the other ways to do it. Most of us do not get quality time to spend with our families.

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It is time that we come out of the clutches of our gadgets and celebrate the joy of togetherness.


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