As they fall down

As he sat at the window seat, the train was already in motion. One minute late and he would have missed the train. This was the longest he has ever been away from home. But this was not about home-coming. This was about new beginnings. Hopefully. The rain started pouring in more forcefully. The tiny drops faltered along the window railings. Some of them merged together as if their fates were entwined.  The trees rushed backwards, freshened and lively having bathed in the glorious rain. Will it be raining like this when he sees her tomorrow? He silently wished it would. His mind was inundated with doubts. Would it be the same as they show in the movies? The girl walking in with a tray and he slowly lifting his gaze and she lowering hers and as they meet, the world deciding they are made for each other. No. Probably that works in cinema. But if not like that, how then? As the wind got stronger, he lowered the glass window. The rain started pounding on it. He leaned against it slowly and tried to read what the rain drops were trying to write on the window, as if they were trying to convey a message. He drifted off to sleep.


She closed the browser after checking out his matrimonial profile for the umpteenth time. The rain was getting heavier outside. She opened the window to witness the deluge. A cold wind caressed her hair and tiny drops of rain kissed her forehead. The pitter patter of the downpour and the bright green canopy of the bent plantain trees interrupted her train of thoughts and brought it to a temporary halt. She was staring into infinity when a distant rumble of thunder brought her back and she slowly sank into her chair. Probably this was it then. He would walk in through that door. Will he like her? More importantly will she like him? How was she supposed to decide that in one meeting? The questions were never ending. Only time will tell the answers. She put her head down on the table and closed her eyes. She dreamt she was lying on a beach listening to the sound of waves looking at a sky filled with stars. Till her mother asked her to get ready. They were about to come in some time.



She was wailing loudly and as both of them looked at their daughter, tears welled up in their eyes. They named her Varsha.


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