‘The Last Lecture’ – Book Review

At times, professors are asked to give lectures imagining that this is going to be their last lecture. In that case, what wisdom would they impart to their students, what knowledge would they like to share? In case of Randy Pausch, it was literally going to be his last lecture as he was diagnosed with a terminal illness and had only few months to live. That is when he decides he would try his best and give ‘The Last Lecture’

The Last Lecture

The lecture was about “Really Achieving your Childhood Dreams” and this book contains the thinking behind it as well as what went inside the lecture. It is divided into small chapters and each chapter draws examples from his life to illustrate certain learnings which helped him to achieve success in life. The author uses humor and wit to structure his lecture and in no way is it sentimental and emotional. One of the points which I personally have always believed and strived for in my life is to place importance on people rather than on things. Love people and use things and not the other way around. Randy illustrates this point beautifully through an example in one of the chapters. The book is filled with such anecdotes.

Do read this book. It is truthful and honest because it comes from a man who had very little time left on this planet. And who achieved a lot during this time.


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